Young People’s Concert Series

Members of the SAWS Education team present scientific information about the hydrologic cycle in the The Water Cycle Young People's Concerts, February 2014.

Members of the SAWS Education team present scientific information about the hydrologic cycle in the The Water Cycle Young People’s Concerts, February 2014.

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2014-15 YPC dates and program information

As of Aug. 15, 2014, Young People’s Concerts tickets will be free-admission to all groups in the community, including public, private, charter and home school groups and families!

Prior reservation required. Please reserve using the link below. Reservations and seating are first come, first serve. Preference will be given where possible to 2nd – 5th grade and schools with Title I status.

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Now available! Please note: this link will take you to in order to complete your reservation.

All programs are 50 minutes in length and will be held at the H-E-B Performance Hall of the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, formerly the Municipal Auditorium, unless otherwise noted. Performance times are 9:45 am and 11:10 am.

Students answer trivia questions while taking their seats before a concert

Students answer trivia questions while taking their seats before a concert

What is a Young People’s Concert?
The San Antonio Symphony’s Young People’s Concerts have introduced area youth to live orchestral music since 1943. The Symphony firmly believes that music is a very important component of a child’s growth and development. Programs are designed to meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) objectives in fine arts and a core subject area. Geared towards third, fourth, and fifth grade students, YPC’s engage students with carefully planned and highly-educational programs of music and lecture.

Students learn about music and its relationships to another core subject area during concerts

Students learn about music and its relationships to another core subject area during concerts

The interdisciplinary connection of our 2012-13 YPC series was Social Studies. Through the series, History & Geography, students discovered music from different time periods and regions of the world while examining the cultural influences they drew upon and their impact in history. Through the 2013-14 YPC Series: The Scientific Symphony, students were invited to explore the physics of sound through important symphonic music and relationships between sound and motion. New this year as we move into the new Tobin Center for the 2014-15 season, each YPC concert program will reflect a different co-curricular theme. Click here for YPC program information.

A total of six performances will be offered for each of four YPC programs during the 2014-15 season. Each program includes an interactive component for attending students. A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and a CD of concert selections are made available in advance to help teachers prepare students for the concert. To view past and current Teacher’s Guide and resource materials, please visit the Teacher’s Lounge.

Nearly 30,000 students attended the 2013-14 Young People’s Concerts, of those, approximately 24,000 came from public schools, over 50% of which came from low income and Title 1 schools, are of a minority background, or are considered “at risk.” The Symphony makes a special effort to reach out to these students as we believe (in accordance with national studies) in the effect music can have on a child’s education, including better grades, lower dropout rates, and improved social skills. Click here to see more music education facts and statistics!

Students unloading buses at Laurie Auditorium

Students unloading buses at Laurie Auditorium

The Symphony recognizes that transportation costs and the price for admission are significant obstacles schools and districts face in order to benefit from our educational programs. The Symphony addresses these problems by providing over $100,000 in scholarship funding to public schools each year, thanks to our generous donors. Scholarships cover up to 100% of the cost of tickets and also partial transportation costs to Young People’s Concerts for low-income and Title 1 schools, and many other schools that otherwise would not be able to attend. Click here for more information about ticket and transportation scholarship.

For any questions regarding Young People’s Concerts, please contact: Jeremy Brimhall, Director of Education
(210) 554-1006 |

Special thanks to our Young People’s Concert Series funders!

Access Midstream Musical Arts of San Antonio
Mr. Neville Anders Dan and Gloria Oppenheimer Fund of the SAAF
AT&T Ms. Anne Pearson
Mr. William C. Banzhaf and Mrs. Cathy J. Tschannen Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation
Joe Barnhart Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jon Purdy
Beeville Concert Association, Inc. Ms. Lindsay Riley
Bexar County Russell Hill Rogers Fund for the Arts String Residency Fund
Drs. Kenneth R. Bloom and Sheila Swartzman David and Betty Sacks Foundation
Mr. James S. Calvert Saint Susie Charitable Foundation
Charity Ball Association San Antonio Symphony League
Ewing Halsell Endowment Fund of the SAAF Mrs. Linda Nixon Seeligson
Friend of the San Antonio Symphony Louis H. and Mary Patricia Stumberg Foundation
Alfred S. Gage Foundation Ms. Georgina R. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Gardner Target Foundation
Karen Gareca Texas Commission on the Arts – Arts Respond Project – Education
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Mr. David Tedesco
Greehey Family Foundation Texas Women for the Arts
Howard and Betty Halff Fund of the SAAF The  Isaiah 58 Fund – National Christian Foundation
Phoebe Hanson Mary Thomas
Lisa Hodges TMI- The Episcopal School of Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Hodges Tuesday Musical Club
Kris Howland Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation
Carol Lee Jones Education & Cultural Fund of the SAAF Gwynne Vosburgh
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kassai Libby Wardlaw
Louis J. and Millie M. Kocurek Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Wardlaw
Ms. Carolyn Lang Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Wiederhold
Mr. and Mrs. M. Scott Magers Zachry Foundation
Martha Mares Lebo Children’s Education Fund of the SAAF